paper planes (archives)

i read my poem

to an old friend

he thought it

was about him

it caught me so

off guard when

he began to sob

i had meant it

to be humorous

seeing him cry

brought tears to

my eyes as well

so there we sat

two grown men

sobbing together

over a silly poem

about time travel

* * *

poems are paper planes–

we send them out, not knowing

where they might touch down

–photo by me


12 thoughts on “paper planes (archives)

      1. You are welcome. 😊 So true, we don’t know. Whenever possible, we should act on those poetic/artistic inspirations to share. In that listening and acting healing can happen, within ourselves too.

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful how life gives us metaphors, images and insights. Your poem was touchingly resonant for me and the comment was one made to me several times by family. Thanks Michael.


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