Star Girl

girl and stars

Starlight falls out of the skies

And settles in her upturned eyes

She peers into the jeweled vault

Until the sun begins to rise

An amateur astronomer

She knows the moons of Jupiter

Orion’s belt and Saturn’s rings

She loves the stars like I love her

I hope some day she’ll love me too

But I will not obstruct her view

Or take the stars out of her eyes

My love for her is tried and true

A Halloween Treat

dark man window

There’s ghosts and goblins in the streets

And zombies on the lawn,

And soon this little bowl of treats

Will certainly be gone.

I guess I better lock the door

And turn off all the lights

To satisfy my craving for

These chocolate delights.

Now you may wonder how someone

Could ever be this way–

I’m saving little children from

Substantial tooth decay.

First Snow

snow falling

They came down by the millions

An army of tiny invading aliens

Suddenly dropping out of the sky

With their tiny white parachutes


It looked like we were doomed


But then the wind began to blow

And the invaders went swirling

Madly out of control all night long

At the mercy of our fierce winds


We awoke to a foot of parachutes

The Fall of Light

jaded light

The sober morning light

Promised a clear new day

With a harsh resolution

To see things as they were,

But after reflecting about

The woes of the world

For the entire daytime,

She had become jaded

And her judgement faded;

Later that same evening,

She was spotted at a beach

In a wine-colored dress

With bare feet in the sand,

Deliciously inebriated

And watching a pale moon

Rising over caliginous waves.

If I Had a Shop


If I had a shop

I would fill up the shelves

With amethyst angels

And emerald elves

And black onyx panthers

With rubies for eyes

And lithe topaz fairies

As blue as the skies

I’d have turquoise tortoises

Buddhas of jade

And solid gold watch fobs

With diamonds in-laid

There’d be tiger’s eye lions

And quartz crystal cats

Peridot puppies

And sapphire bats

Yes, if I had a shop

I would light up the scene

With a huge chandelier

Made of aquamarine