Science & Spirit


In the beginning,

When God created

The Heavens and the Earth,

Hydrogen plasma interacted

With the force of gravity

And begat the stars,

And the stars

Begat atoms,

And the atoms

Begat molecules,

And the molecules

Begat living cells,

And the living cells

Begat brains,

And the brains

Begat human minds,

And the human minds

Wondered at the stars,

And God saw

That it was good.



with graceful ease

the melodies

of venus, earth, and mars

dance ever on

the notes upon

a tablature of stars

on distant lands

the marching bands

of jupiter resound

and hearts take wing

when ringlets ring

in saturn’s jeweled crown

the trumpets sound

the drummers pound

great uranus rolls on

and no less grand

is neptune’s stand

a billion miles beyond

amid the swells

faint tinkling bells

add depth that few can hear

for mercury

and pluto flee

all but the chastened ear

Deer Friends

deer III

My woodland friends stop by every day for a snack, and I hope to have them feeding out of my hand before long. They seem like such timid, gentle creatures, and yet they can be quite mean to each other.

I made this feeder out of snow for them with two troughs and a partition between them because the “bully” of the group wouldn’t let the others eat. As you can see, it didn’t work.

I just thought I’d share a typical winter morning here in northern Minnesota, deer included. Ya, you betcha. Living up here in the sticks has its drawbacks, but we sure have deer friends.


–Photo by me

Creation Celebration

natures beauty

In trying to write a poem, I paused

To peer out in joyous wonderment

At God’s resplendent panorama of

A beauty far beyond man’s poetry.

This breathtaking extravaganza of

Sights and sounds and sensations

Overwhelmed me so completely,

I wept over the sublime splendor

Written into every blade of grass.

I don’t think I can write that poem

Anymore — wait, I think I just did!

A Windblown Leif


The planks and oarsmen

Groaned as one,

The wind began to blow,

And at the bow Leif Erikson’s

Unease began to grow.

He’d put his trust in Jesus now,

And sailed to serve the Lord —

Yet Odin’s raven mocked him

As the longboat left the fjord.

Soon blown off course,

He pulled aside a slave

In his distress, and said,

“Bring me your mistress, thrall,

Bring me your prophetess!”

The witch came forth,

Her robe bedecked with

Skulls and precious stones,

And calling on the Alfather,

She cast her ancient bones.

“What is is?” Leif called out to her,

“What do your old bones say?”

“They say a man should trust

his gods to guide him on his way.”

And so he prayed to his new god,

And soon a land was found

Where food and game were plentiful,

And “wheat and grapes abound.”


(originally 11-16)