Earth Enigma


the alien recon


reporting to

the mother ship

set off the

usual alarms


the people

of Earth were

hostile and


with a myriad

of nuclear arms


they sped away

at warp speed

but when

they analyzed

the recon

data after


They found the

human’s missiles

were pointed

at themselves

and shook with

alien laughter

A Windblown Leif


The planks and oarsmen

Groaned as one,

The wind began to blow,

And at the bow

Leif Erikson’s

Unease began to grow.

He’d put his trust

In Jesus now

And sailed to serve the Lord–

Yet Odin’s raven

Mocked him as

The longboat left the fjord.

Soon blown off-course,

He pulled aside

A slave in his distress,

And said, “Bring me

Your mistress, thrall,

Bring me the prophetess!”

The witch came forth,

Her robe bedecked

With skulls and precious stones,

And calling on

The Alfather,

She cast her ancient bones.

“What is it?”

Leif called out to her,

“What do the old bones say?”

“They say a man

Should trust his god

To guide him on his way.”

And so he prayed

To his new god

And soon a land was found

Where food and game

Were plentiful

And “wheat and grapes abound.”

Out of Red


If we run out of red someday

A sorry place it’d be

We’d rue about Ol’ White and Blue

From sea to shining sea

Our stop signs, lights, and firetrucks

Would lose disparity

While Bibles, wines, and danger signs

Would forfeit clarity

Christmas would be only green

And Santa’s suit just white

And Rudolph’s nose would never do

To guide them through the night

A hydrant turns into a pipe

A barn into a shed

Yes, life would simply be no good

If we run out of red

Perhaps our loss of it someday

Will drive us to the stars

For if our world runs out of red

We’ll have to move to Mars