Nature’s Nature


Capricious Mother Nature

Adds a little bright red to

Her late-summer pastels.

Soon that won’t be enough;

She’ll get carried away

And paint all the forests

With the brightest colors

She has on her palette,

But when she steps back

To admire her painting,

She’ll come to her senses

And quickly erase it all.

–Photo by me


A Not-So-Distant Shore



Adrift upon the Sea of Night

And lost in shades of black and white,

I saw a friendly, dancing light

Upon a distant shore,

And as I left my bleak repose

And sought the dark expanse to close,

Beyond the light, a voice arose,

Then two, then three, then four.

I raised my sails, set my sights

And hastened toward this light of lights–

The voices raised to lofty heights

And filled my heart with cheer;

This place I knew so little of

seemed filled with peace and joy and love,

I laughed and praised the Lord above,

But then, as I drew near,

I found a void between us ran,

And though no hardy sailin’ man,

I battled hard the gulf to span,

So deep, so long, so wide.

The sea grew rough, my ship was tossed

It wasn’t long, I knew I’d lost

The chasm’s breadth could not…

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Roddenberry Quote


I can’t think of a better time for a Roddenberry quote. As the genius behind Star Trek, he always had a positive spin on mankind’s future, something we could use right now.

It would have been his birthday today. I’m almost glad he’s not here to see how far we’ve strayed from his vision:

“If we cannot learn to actually enjoy our differences on this planet, then we do not deserve to go into space and meet the diversity that is almost certain out there.”

He believed we would.


–Painting & photo by me