i see you

i sse you

i see your smile

it stirs my mind

like a memory

from a cherished


i see your eyes

they flash at me

like a lighthouse

beckons ships at


i see your heart

it makes me whole

like a feast before

a starving


Making Her Mad (Again)


She frowned at me and said,

“Sometimes you know just

What to say to make me mad!”


Ergo I answered her thusly,

“I’m dubious, woman, that

Any scientist or magician,

Much less yours truly could

Contrive some technique to

Compromise the integrity

Of your ample brain case

And commence a rewiring

Of your emotional circuits

To enable us to assume

Command of your helm–

All just to make you mad;

You do it all by yourself.”


She lost her temper

At my words and said,

“You just did it again!”




Thanks to my mead-swilling ancestors,

I had a predisposition to drink.

One day I was found face-down

In the middle of a busy street,

And later blew a point four five

On the way to the hospital–

A lethal dose–but I survived

Thanks to my mead-swilling ancestors.

the spell

young witch

there at her table

in soft candlelight

she peers at her crystal

and scries

her chalice and athame

gleam in the night–

she is young

but incredibly wise

she sees a dark man

who had murdered his wife

and is hiding inside some motel

so she calls on the goddess

the giver of life

for the power she needs

for a spell

she takes up her clay

and she makes a small doll

then she binds it with thread

and a knot

she draws down the moon

and looks into the ball

and she calls for the man

to be caught

she won’t cast a spell

that would hurt anyone

but she will ask

that justice be done

she knows to do harm

would be harming herself

for we all are connected

as one

summer scents


summer scents

bring sweet memories

to the surface

of the deep

be it

flowers in bloom

freshly-cut grass

sun-tan lotion

mosquito spray

lighter fluid


or even fish guts

in the sun

–Photo by me