lost hunting party (archives)

the snow swirled

madly around us,

thrust forth on

a bitter-tongued wind,

and everyone knew

that god’s icy breath blew

for the myriad sins

we had sinned.

and every man knew

he deserved it;

there wasn’t a one

to be spared–

and here we would freeze

‘neath the snow-laden trees,

but the truth was

we no longer cared.

we sat on the snow

in a circle,

each man but

a shivering shell–

we’d accepted our fate,

and now we would wait

to be warmed by

the fires of hell.

Julie Andrews Edwards Quote

I don’t know why, but these beautiful words by Julie Andrews Edwards resonate somewhere deep in my soul — thought I’d share:

“That night she dreamed of the deer.

Strangely, the animal was holding her.

She curled close into the soft fur

And touched and kissed it gently.

In the morning, her pillow

Was wet with tears.”

–Photo by me