in the night

a subtle sight


in morning


here i find

my quiet mind

the world’s

worries far


inner peace

comes over me

the night is come

and now i


–image by pinterest

crane cinquain



tall, red-crowned

calling, dancing, bowing

legs like broken sticks



At first, I thought these were a couple of young deer behind the trees, as we don’t get many cranes in the wooded portion of the state. They are a very old bird, and have a peculiar walk. They remind me of some kind of dinosaur. With their sandy brown backs, it’s easy to see why they’re called sandhills.


–photos by me


Living on the Edge


When the iron ore ran out,

The mine pit was abandoned,

And there it sat for years,

A gaping wound in the earth;

A world of rocks and dirt

And sheer cliffs of stone

Devoid of any sign of life–

Till Mother Nature moved in

And started redecorating.

She filled the great hole

With crystal clear water

And hung living wallpaper

Over the barren cliffs.

She turned it into a world

Of birds and rainbow trout;

Of beautiful, swaying trees

And plants of every kind.

She turned the dead pit

Into a living paradise.

–Photo by me

road to happiness


as of late

i meditate

when life

becomes a mess

i close my eyes

and visualize

the road

to happiness

to play this game

i have to name

the hills

i come upon

and then i try

to rectify

the problem

and move on

when at last

all hills are passed

and i have

found my way

sometimes i find

a little sign


write a poem today


–photo by me