Shot of the Day 2/19/20


The meaning of their name is lost

When evergreens are rimed with frost.

–Photo by me



Life is a well-puddled road;

In body, I charge down it

And muddy up the waters;

In mind, I avoid the pits

And seem to learn little;

In spirit, I stay above it

And watch it all unfold.

When I look back to

Reflect on my journey,

I see one dynamic soul

With muddy feet,

A confused look,

And an easy laugh.

–Photo by me

twice as nice


one day the sun

just disappeared

we knew not where it went

and as we searched

the blackened sky

our local space…unbent

the earth was cast

into the void

our journey had begun

and so we sailed

the cosmic sea

to find another sun

in time we found

binary stars

to keep us from the ice

and every time

they set or rise

it’s always doubly nice

january light


there’s none so dull and grey

as a january day

when nature’s pretty colors

are packed up and put away

and nothing looks quite right

in this january light

now even summer memories

have turned to black and white


–photo by me