haiku 94


the deepest secrets

of the cosmos are written

in every stone

I found this stone on one of my constitutionals into the Superior National Forest. It almost seems as though it has a message encoded in its structure, and for all I know, it might.

–Photo by me

favorable wind


the season had ended

the leaves had descended

and raking was planned

for the day

i got up before dawn

and was out on the lawn

when a favorable wind

came my way

for it blew the leaves high

in the blustery sky

and i never did rake

all the day

and i think it has been

a most favorable wind

but my neighbors don’t

see it that way

–photo by me

(orig. 11/18)

Forest Temple



To some folks

It would seem

Oaks and maples

Reign supreme

In the great

Autumnal forest

Where their fiery

Colors scream,

But I will

Not besmirch

The poor poplar

Elm or birch–

Beneath their

Golden canopies

I feel like

I’m in church


–Photo by me