Loon (haibun)

final loon

A loon’s eerie tremolo echoes across the crystal-clear waters of this old, abandoned mine pit. A diving bird, he’s just surfaced, and is eyeing me warily, but to fly requires a long run-way for take-off, so he’ll probably just dive underwater again, and pop up somewhere else. His mate doesn’t answer; she’s most likely diving for fish now.

The rocky ledges of these old mine pits provide the perfect habitat for nesting and breeding during the summer months. To top it off, the DNR stocks most of these pits with Rainbow Trout.

Apparently, he’s not as afraid of me as I thought, and he calls out to his mate again in that long, forlorn wail. This time, she answers.

* * *

the tuxedoed loon–

in proper attire for

a banquet of fish

–Photo by me

Minnesota, Please!


Some folks have

Idyllic dreams

With grander

Oceanic themes,

Like sailing on

The open seas

Upon a balmy breeze.

But that is not

For me, it seems;

I love the inland

Lakes and streams,

Their verdant shores

So plush with trees–

Minnesota, please!


–Photo by me

Wildflowers (haibun)


It’s quite a delight to suddenly stumble upon colorful wildflowers out here, deep in the forest. You come to expect them at home in your flower garden, but out here, they’re truly a pleasant surprise.

These wild Red Columbine’s fiery reds and yellows really stand out against the dark shadows cast by the evergreens, and are in stark contrast to the usual underbrush. It reminds me that sometimes beautiful things show up in unlikely places.


careless with colors

nature spatters garden paint

across her canvas

–Photo by me

Right as Rain


What is it

About the rain

That somehow seems

To soothe my pain?

The pitter-patter

Pelts impart

A certain solace

To my heart.

Now the plans

That I had made

Are temporarily


But I don’t mind,

I won’t complain–

In fact, it feels

Right as rain.

–Photo by me