but a dream

when space itself dreams

the worlds appear

and i know it seems

that you’re really here

but hold down your weeping

for we must adhere

to keeping it sleeping

or we’ll disappear

–photo by Aaron

Haibun: Breaking Trail

It’s very nice out here in the woods today. I can’t believe how warm it is for January, and we really haven’t had that much snow, either.

I’m just strolling along, enjoying the day.

Beautiful, golden sunlight is filtering down through the trees ahead, and casting long thin shadows across the as-of-yet unspoiled road. I almost hate to walk down it, it’s so…untouched. But I hear approaching snowmobiles, and they’ll be certain to ruin the moment, anyway.

* * *

in the sun and snow

i feel like i’m walking

on soft, fluffy clouds



–photos by me



a new morning breaks

the clouds are undone

the spirit awakes

our flight has begun

the dark of night ending

we all are as one

ascending and blending

into the sun

(from 3 yrs ago)

–photo by me

three bump night


first bump

in the night

heart takes flight

panic creeps in–

what a fright!

second bump

of the night

turn on the light

lover walks in–

what a sight!

third bump

of the night

high as a kite

moons shine in–

what a night!

–photo/art by me