When I was a child, my whole family would gather

together to watch Bonanza with my father.

Now that he’s gone, I watch the old reruns,

and it makes me feel as though we’re

somehow watching them together;

I can feel his kind and gentle presence.

Bonanza was one of his favorite shows,

and now it’s one of mine.

the beatitudes

blessed are the poor in spirit

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

blessed are those that mourn

for they shall be comforted

blessed are the meek

for they shall inherit the earth

blessed are those who hunger

and thirst for righteousness

for they shall be filled

blessed are the merciful

for they shall obtain mercy

blessed are the pure of heart

for they shall see god

blessed are the peacemakers

for they shall be called

the children of god

blessed are they which are

persecuted for righteousness

for theirs is the kingdom

of heaven

–photo by my son aaron


who are you?

people like to tell you

who you are;

these people weren’t

born with some knowledge

that you weren’t.

never swallow the rocks

they’ve dished

up for you–

don’t believe them,

don’t believe me,

believe in yourself.

–photo by me