metal forest

final forest

the constructs of man

the quickest of apes

arise from the ground

in arboresque shapes

betraying perhaps

the wishes he could

return to the trees

and trade metal

for wood


Photo of the Day


Making magic in the forest this morning. Having fun with my son.

–Photo by my son, Aaron

I would know

final slavery

If I had been

Born long ago

There’s certain things

That I would know


I would’ve felt

It all along

That slavery

Is cruel and wrong


Men and women

I’d surmise

Are equal in

Their maker’s eyes


I’d stand upon

The highest ground

And I would know

That Earth is round


And standing there

Beneath the sun

I’d know that all

Of life is one


photo of the day


It’s not a good time to be a bunny in Minnesota. They are turning brown now, and we’re getting a blizzard today that might dump over a foot of new snow on us. These mottled bunnies will be easy targets for the wolves. April blizzards bring…

–photo by me