freaky friday


I’ve been unhappy, from time to time, but I’ve never had the experience of being depressed. Maybe it was my difficult childhood that I can now thank for my bouyancy in these troubled times. I know depression sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s situation, it can be strictly chemical.

However, I don’t like to tout my happiness too loudly, lest the universe decides it’s time to teach me a lesson. I’ve been down that road. Happy freaky Friday!!

–Photo art by me

summer zephyrs

summer zephyrs

ripple through wheat fields

as warm as fresh-baked bread;

they dance in the meadows

spinning up a sweet bouquet;

they gust across the beaches

pausing only to put on some

tanning lotions and oils;

they foreshadow the rain

with an earthen dankness

not unlike nightcrawlers

all over the sidewalks