long winter


it was a long winter

now, in the still of the night

I step out into the shadows

and tip toe down to the lake

under too many stars, and–

oh my god the stars!–

the air is just a little too

cool for the usually

ubiquitous mosquitoes

but its just right for my

scandinavian blood

I lay back on the sand

and peer into the endless

abyss of space and time

I feel so blessed that I am

here this very second

experiencing this wonder

I thank god for this joy

the lapping waves soothe me

and cold, brittle memories

melt away once again

it was a long winter

life is


life is but a wooden fence

that stretches ‘cross the grounds

and circumnavigates the deep

with countless ups and downs


life is wooden mile-posts

with threaded rails of time

standing sun-bleached hand in hand

on felted lawn sublime


life is wooden moments

reaching out of sight

a wooden skeleton by day

a memory by night


–photo by me



The Mesabi Trail



Winding through the heart of the Mesabi Iron Range in Northeast Minnesota, the Mesabi Trail provides close encounters with nature for joggers, cyclists, and walkers like me. When completed, the trail will have 145 miles of paved paths from Grand Rapids to Ely, with several spurs through the picturesque woodlands and around the old, historic iron-ore pits.


A three-mile loop encircles the St. James pit just north of our little mining town, Aurora.

A casual stroll around the pit is the perfect way to spend a beautiful summer afternoon, and I thought I’d share a few pics I’ve taken on my walks.


A spiderweb along the path is heavy with dew in the fresh morning air.

A walk into the woods of Northern Minnesota can be breath-taking, but sometimes we’re reminded that nature can be brutal as well. With no hunting on the ubiquitous mining property, deer populations soar, and…

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lonesome road


out of gas and feeling low

walking down this lonesome road

I’m eating dust and swallowing my pride,

I need a lift to get some gas

but all the cars are going past

so I’m walking down the road

and thumbing for a ride.

inspired by a farmer’s dog

I drop my thumb and start to jog

but which is worse, I really can’t decide,

I couldn’t run for very far

so I sacrificed my candy bar

now I’m walking down the road

and thumbing for a ride.

it’s sunday morn and church is out

and now here comes all thee devout

but when they left the church

they forgot what they learned inside,

for their big warm smiles are real nice

but their hearts must be as cold as ice

so I’m walking down the road

and thumbing for a ride.