Mowin’ in the Wind

How can a man keep his lawn mowed down

Before it reaches the sky?

And how can a man spread the clippings around

Before he hears neighbors cry?

Yes, and how can a man simply mow his lawn

And kiss all that raking goodbye?

The answer, my friend, is mowin’ in the wind

The answer is mowin’ in the wind

Limerick 57

The young swan was ridden with shame,

And his cruel mother’s words were to blame:

“You’re big and you’re dumb,

And that’s all you’ll become!”

And in time, that’s all he became.

–Photo by me


I dreamed of a big black bird

Hovering o’er the trees,

And when I woke, I wondered

If it had been an omen,

For long ago I’d heard

That a big black bird in dreams

Means one’s about to blunder–

Especially with a woman.

It’s true: I’d made a date

With a woman I’d just met

But I swear on my life

That it went against my heart,

And yet it’s not too late

To call it all off yet–

For I promised my late wife

That till death do us part.

–Photo by me