At the table

On Thanksgiving,

My mother

Would implore

Every child

To annunciate

Just what they’re

Thankful for.

I’d always say

I’m thankful

For the meal,

If you please,

And now I’d say

I’m thankful

For those






my enemy stood before me

face to face

in the afternoon sun

i was close enough

to see the fear

in his almond eyes

i had a gun

he didn’t


i hesitated


could i really kill him

here in cold blood

they say you should

never hesitate

but i just couldn’t

pull the trigger

he most likely

had a family like me


i hesitated


he slowly began

to back away from me

i had to let him go

i would never tell

the others

but i was secretly glad

when he bolted

for the woods

antlers held high

Lost Hunting Party


The snow swirled

Madly around us,

Thrust forth on

A bitter-tongued wind,

And each of us knew

That God’s icy breath blew

For the myriad sins

We had sinned.

And every man knew

He deserved it;

There wasn’t a one

To be spared–

We were lost in the storm,

And were never to warm,

But the truth was

We no longer cared.

We sat on the snow

In a circle,

Each man just

A shivering shell–

We’d accepted our fate,

And now we would wait

For the wonderful

Fires of Hell.