used by a poem


barely a seed

it starts deep

in your soul

it springs up

and blossoms

quite out

of control

it zigs

and it zags

shuffling into

some verse

and it bleeds

on your paper

for better

or worse

it may be

an epic or just

‘home, sweet home’

but whatever the case

you’ve been used

by a poem

snakes in the snow

cobra in snow

the snow cobra lifts

his head from the drifts

with his hoodie to keep

him from freezing,

and pythons get heat

from the bunnies they meet,

with their hugging

and snuggling

and squeezing.

on clear, frozen lakes

are the friendly ice snakes,

sometimes used

by the locals

for skating,

and the right time of year

makes the wolf snakes appear

as they hiss

at the moon

before mating.



As the Beatles said,

“Thoughts meander

Like a restless wind

Inside a letter box”

Turning the abstract

Thoughts into words

And expressing them

In a coherent manner

Is the easier endeavor

Putting them down on

Paper is a whole other

Matter, an arduous task

Like someone once said,

“I hate writing, but I

Love having written”

Yellow It Is

yellow rose

Ghostly kites of light

Slide noiselessly around

My bedroom walls as

The night traffic files past.

From my bed, I can see

The long, dripping icicles

That hang from the eaves

Right outside my window.

They glint in the headlights

Like frosted glass carrots.

I smile, remembering that

Today was a special day, a

Once-in-a-lifetime kind of day.

You see, blue-green was no

Longer my favorite color–

I’m not talking about just any

Kind of blue-green, mind you,

But the kind that flashes in

Your eyes when you walk by

A window prism in the sun–

That kind of blue-green.

No, today, after a lifetime

Of celebrating my beloved

Super-charged blue-green

I changed my favorite color

To yellow for no real reason

Other than it’s grown on me

After all these years.

Yellow it is, then.