Surgery Today


Well, I’m off to the hospital this morning for surgery. At 63, there’s no guarantees that I won’t flatline on the table, but I’m in pretty good shape, so I think I’ll be fine.

I told my kids that if I did croak, I would consider myself lucky to exit so easily. We don’t all get out of here without suffering, but we all have to go. I thought I’d drop this pic of my granddaughter Milliana and I in the back yard with another friend. I’ll be bock, lol.

Starting Fluid


Snow falls silently outside

And the still of the morning

Is pleasantly preserved.

I stare into the endless

Swirling eddies of steam

Wafting up from the hot

Mahogany, life-giving

Ambrosia before me.

A sip, and I am lost in the

burnished, heady brew.

The starter spins — nothing.

I take another glorious sip.

More spinning–nothing.

There’s enough light now

To see the deer feeder

Out the back window;

I’m glad it’s empty again.

One more sip now, and —


Now where did I put that

Bag of feed for the deer?

children of the grave


as ozzy sang out years ago

the children start to march

what kind of world are we giving them

they can see we have no heart

we make them go to school

with guns and drugs and knives

and our leaders will not change the rules

to save our children’s lives

they all bow to money now

and democracy unwinds

but when their own child is gunned down

I think they’ll change their minds

To Grampa (2050 CE)

global warming

The waters are warm

And supercells form

You took all the calm

And left me the storm

For all you were worth

I was heir to the earth

How could you not care

You were there at my birth

You knew all along

That it was all wrong

Polluting the air as

You sang me a song

You’re not here to blame

So I’ll live with the shame

In this world you left

I still carry your name


–Photo by me