Slippery Slopes

To flying bugs and crawling ants,

A bright bouquet of pitcher plants

Becomes a water park with rides–

They can’t resist the slippery slides!

And once inside the saccules,

They’re trapped and drown in nectar pools.

And no, I’m not being frivolous–

This water park’s carnivorous!

–Photo by me

Quote on Wind Farms

I took a drive through a wind farm in North Dakota on Sunday, and was shocked at the forest of massive, whirling turbines spread across the land. Besides being an obvious eyesore on our amber waves of grain, a little research yielded mostly negative opinions about them. Many would like to sell their homes and move, but the value of their property has diminished appreciably.

They may look slow and awkward, but the tips of the blades move at up to 180 mph, making a constant noise that some claim makes them sick. Maintenance is very costly, and I wonder if the small net gain in energy is worth destroying our landscapes. Here’s a quote by Frida Payle that sums it up:

“It’s like taking up smoking

Because you drink too much.

And now you’re a smoker

As well as a drinker.”

–Photos by me


i’m sitting here watching a group

of both physically and mentally

challenged young children

sing their hearts out on one

of those talent shows on tv.

they get the golden buzzer,

and the audience explodes–

people are hugging each other,

mothers and fathers are crying,

and the children themselves

are beaming like sunlight

with honest-to-goodness

genuine happiness as they

dance around the stage.

tears run down my cheeks,

and for the moment, anyway,

i’m glad that i’m an empath.