poor luna


luna lures in noble

golden-hearted sunbeams

with her ‘poor me’ act

and  pallid complexion

and if they so much as

graze her ashen cheek

with a solitary kiss

she steals their gold

and sends them away

on silver moonbeams

summer is


summer is the time for

weddings and wildflowers

new pets and new friends

romance and heartbreak


summer is the sound of

screen doors slamming

crickets and fireworks

thunder and pelting hail


summer is full of mischief

and la joie de vivre

but first and foremost

summer is potato salad

much to learn


we left the trees

with so much to learn

a stick can be sharpened

and branches will burn

cows can be milked

their juices will churn

the Nile will flood

with the Dog Star’s return

and even today

there’s so much to learn

that we’re looking into

the matter at CERN