A Windblown Leif


The planks and oarsmen

Groaned as one,

The winds began to blow,

And at the bow, Leif Erikson’s

Unease began to grow.

He’d put his trust in Jesus now,

And sailed to serve the Lord–

Yet Odin’s raven mocked him

As the longboat left the fjord.

Soon blown off course,

He pulled aside a slave

In his distress, and said,

“Bring me your mistress, thrall,

Bring me the prophetess!”

The witch came forth,

Her robe bedecked with

Skulls and precious stones,

And calling on the Alfather,

She cast her ancient bones.

“What is it?” Leif called out to her,

“What do the old bones say?”

“They say a man should trust

His god to guide him on his way.”

And so he prayed to his new god,

And soon a land was found,

Where food and game

Were plentiful,

And “wheat and grapes” abound.


(I posted this poem a couple of years ago, it’s one of my favorites.)

Rainbow Forest


Let’s take a trip

To Rainbow Forest;

It’ll blow your mind!

There’s herbs

And mushrooms


And wild flowers

For your hair,

And all the friendly

Creatures there

Are colorful

And kind,

So come along,

Don’t make a fuss,

Just hop aboard

The magic bus,

And head out

To the woods

With us–

Let’s leave

The world



–(oversaturated) photo by me



While I was on a woodland walk,

A hawk went flying by–

How easily he soared aloft

In autumn’s azure sky!

O, to ride those lofty winds

Like hawks and eagles do;

To see the rivers, lakes, and woods

From heaven’s bird’s-eye view.

Entranced, I thought to be a hawk

Would truly be so nice–

Until I suddenly recalled

That hawks eat snakes and mice!


–Photo by me

Certain Sleep


For over twenty years,

I lay unconscious in my bed

With the silliest of notions

Galavanting through my head.


I think of the accomplishments

I could have made instead–

I swear I’ll never sleep again

Until the day I’m dead!


Well, now my bones are aching,

And my eyes are turning red;

I think I’ll rest them just a bit,

And lie back on the spread.