I lift my eyes
to the night sky
and an affinity
with the stars
overwhelms me
we are old kin
the stars and I
I am stardust
forged out there
among my own kind
but lost for eons
in the icy void–
see me now
o ancient ones!
I am found!

The Serpent’s Sin


I came upon a serpent

And he said, “How do you do?”


I answered, “I’m a bit surprised

To be engaged with you.”

And then, without a warning,

I dipped and spun around,

And with my forked walking stick,

I pinned him to the ground.


He gasped and coiled wildly,

Struggling to break free,

And hissed, “What is this scandal, sir?

What is your beef with me?”


“You’re the Father of all Lies!

You beguiled Adam’s wife!

So now I have to till the land

and toil all my life!”


“Regrettably, mistakes were made

By all in Paradise;

Mine was that I told the truth

And now I’m paying the price.

I crawl upon my belly

Eating dust for what I’ve done,

And I’m accursed above the rest

Reviled by everyone.”


Though skeptical, I let him go,

So when I got back home,

I had to look the story up

Before I wrote this poem.