more time


the hands of time stood deathly still

the winds had ceased to blow

and silence settled on the land

like softly falling snow

it seemed an ancient prophecy

at last had come about

for all things stood the way they were

the day that time ran out

and everyone regretted

the life they’d left behind

they knew they’d do much better–

if they only had more time


–photo/art by me

stick girl

she walks by

every morning

on her little

stick legs

she’s a waif

of a girl

with no shadow

i want to scoop

her up in my

strong daddy

arms and give

her food and

whatever else

she needs

i want to help

her with


made her do

this to herself

i cry every

time she

walks by

i think

i love

the little

stick girl

dozing dream


i fell asleep

and flew above–

the moon was peace

the sun was love

and venus, light,

her eye wide ope

the earth was life

and mars was hope

and beyond mars

’twas so sublime

with twinkling stars

and wrinkling time,

at last i fell

back down to earth–

a dream to tell

for what it’s worth


–photo by aaron

ash & woe

my wife

is in the closet

in an urn

for life

is no deposit,

no return

her soul,

in its divineness

had to go

and all

that’s left behind is

ash and woe

My loving wife and mother of three passed away unexpectedly

ten years ago, after thirty-five years together. The poem says

the rest. (I used B&W here, because that’s how I feel today.)

–Photo by Aaron