the great cosmic screen

is lit up tonight

with a rippling green

ethereal light

like curtains unfurling

it’s a dancing delight

swirling and whirling

all thru the night

–photo by my son aaron


who are you?

people like to tell you

who you are;

these people weren’t

born with some knowledge

that you weren’t.

never swallow the rocks

they’ve dished

up for you–

don’t believe them,

don’t believe me,

believe in yourself.

–photo by me

noble trees

trees come alive

when they die,

or they become

much more useful

when they’re dead;

whether they’re

providing a home

for small birds

and squirrels

in the wilds or

providing wood

for us to build

our own homes,

they’ve answered

a higher calling,

no longer only

providing shade.

–photo by me