If romance has its time and place, this is it. My new backyard pool offers couples a picturesque setting for love.

However, it’s not always paradise; this goose is getting an earful after scoping out a beautiful swan.

I consider myself lucky; most of the farmer’s fields around here look like lakes, but the dust will be blowing around soon enough.

It’s been a long, colorless winter, and I am so looking forward to better opportunities for photos!

–Photos by me

covid (double etheree)


came out

of the east

and enveloped

our unwary world;

soon, misinformation

about the vaccination

inundated the world wide web,

precautions became politicized,

and over six million of us perished.

still, many of us got educated,

and most of us got vaccinated;

we kept up social distancing

and tolerated the mask.

now, i can only hope

it keeps declining,

and i pray that

covid will

soon be


Bicycle Ride

The woods are too slushy with melting snow to venture into, so I decided to take a little spin on the bicycle and see what the local farms might offer for photos. This is the first time I’ve had the bike out since fall, and it feels great!

The first barnyard animal I happen upon is this googly eyed goat. He looks like a giant hairball with handlebar horns and Rodney Dangerfield eyes. He’s the Devil, I’m sure.

Further up the road, I was sure surprised to find a herd of buffalo. I’ve driven past here before, but I assumed those were cattle out in the field, and never took a closer look.

Finally, I found four flags fleeing across a farmer’s field. (Brought to you by the letter F)

–Photos by me