banged its head and

now cannot recall its youth

it had to make cosmologists

to try to find the


Daisy and Wild Rose

wild rose n daisy

A daisy and a wild rose

Were growing, side by side,

But which was more significant,

They couldn’t quite decide.

Said Wild Rose to Daisy,

“You’re tall and so alive,

You’re petals are so bountiful,

While I have only five.”

“But you’re the symbol of true love,

And me, just righteousness,

And you’re a lovely shade of pink

While I am colorless.”

Well, if you wonder if you’re loved,

Only the daisy knows,

But if you wonder what love is,

A rose is a rose is a rose.

–Photo by me

as one


a new morning breaks

the clouds are undone

the spirit awakes

the flight has begun

the dark of night ending

we all are as one

ascending and blending

into the sun


–Photo by me (originally posted in Jan ’17)