Dalai Lama Quote

I’m always chasing down some kind of wildlife for a picture, but I have to admit, I have far more shots of their backsides as they run away than anything else. It makes me wonder why every animal I encounter, great or small, is utterly terrified of me. Anyway, it’s not always a bad thing that I can’t catch them, which brings me to the Dalai Lama quote:

“Remember that sometimes

not getting what you want

is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

–Photos by me

Limerick 37

There lives a delusional pig

Who thinks she’s as thin as a twig,

And when she’s called out

On those ears and that snout,

She says, “They’re just perfectly big.”

–Photo by me

Pelican Day

The pelican pictures I posted the other day were well received, so I went back to the river yesterday to take a few more, and ended up spending the day there. A day in the life…

The day begins with a morning prayer to petition that the river bring forth food abundantly.

Then, it’s time to spread out for some serious fishing.

They do take breaks now and then for a little play–such as log rolling.

Finally, it’s time for a nice relaxing community bubble bath.

–Photos by me