time machine (archives)

once upon a time machine

he fashioned from a box

with nothing more than crayons

and a cache of broken clocks,

the little boy went scooting

down the corridors of time

and it was all so easy

for a young and open mind.

but now the boy’s a physicist

and studies all his days

to learn to build a time machine

in complicated ways,

and every day it’s clearer

what his facts and figures mean:

that only little boys can build

a real time machine.

fishy deal

bring me an icehouse

a big pick-up truck

an auger and minnows

and plenty of luck

bring me a license

and fishing gear, too

gasoline, propane

and something to do

a six-pack of beer

and food, if you wish–

bring these to me

and i’ll bring you a fish

–photo by me

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Snow, snow, go away

Come again on Christmas Day

It looks as though I must delay

My plans to ride my bike today.

Snow, snow, disappear

Come again late in the year

For though I’m trying to persevere

I’ve really had it up to here.

–Photo by me

i will

i drive up to my favorite spot

for some serious stargazing,

and as my eyes adjust to the

inky blackness of the night,

i find myself suddenly on

the edge of a rocky crag,

hanging precariously over

a yawning, endless void–

the abyss of nothingness.

i want to cling to the world

for if i should lose my grip,

i might tumble into it;

in time, i know i will.

–photo by me