Metal for Wood


the constructs of man

the quickest of apes

arise from the ground

in arboresque shapes

betraying perhaps

sad wishes we could

return to the trees

and trade metal

for wood

–Art by me



a goblet full of blushing wine

a ripened pumpkin on the vine

the sunlight glinting off the sands

the patchwork quilt of farming lands

the azul claro overhead

the sky after the sun has fled

lilacs ooze a sweet bouquet–

we see these colors every day

our love of color never ends

we love our earth, we love our friends



the grass-fed fleet of mowers stilled

the bright red leaves of maples spilled

our chilly little town is filled

with sounds of schoolyard play

and yet my favorite part of Fall

is not the leaves nor children’s call

but just the simple fact that all

mosquitoes go away

Ice Dream

frozen earth

One day the sun just disappeared

We knew not where it went

And as we searched the blackened sky

Our local space unbent

The Earth was hurled into space

Our journey had begun

And so we sailed the icy void

To find another sun

And frozen deep in cryo-sleep

We slipped the cosmic stream

And one day thawed and woke to find

It all had been a dream