crane cinquain



tall, red-crowned

calling, dancing, bowing

legs like broken sticks



At first, I thought these were a couple of young deer behind the trees, as we don’t get many cranes in the wooded portion of the state. They are a very old bird, and have a peculiar walk. They remind me of some kind of dinosaur. With their sandy brown backs, it’s easy to see why they’re called sandhills.


–photos by me


6 thoughts on “crane cinquain

  1. Great pics Michael! Cranes look much like herons. Funny that you said the cranes remind you of dinosaurs. My daughter Alissa and I saw herons on our west coast staycation recently. When we heard their peculiarly raw and piercing calls, my daughter remarked that this must be what pterodactyls would have sounded like. Primordial.


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