Quote on Wind Farms

I took a drive through a wind farm in North Dakota on Sunday, and was shocked at the forest of massive, whirling turbines spread across the land. Besides being an obvious eyesore on our amber waves of grain, a little research yielded mostly negative opinions about them. Many would like to sell their homes and move, but the value of their property has diminished appreciably.

They may look slow and awkward, but the tips of the blades move at up to 180 mph, making a constant noise that some claim makes them sick. Maintenance is very costly, and I wonder if the small net gain in energy is worth destroying our landscapes. Here’s a quote by Frida Payle that sums it up:

“It’s like taking up smoking

Because you drink too much.

And now you’re a smoker

As well as a drinker.”

–Photos by me


I stopped out at Stephanie’s farm today to check on Skittles. Yea, she has a new name; we could hardly call her Blue Eyes anymore– they’ve turned dark brown in the last few months. Skittles, apparently, has something to do with the fact that the dogs follow her around; I didn’t inquire further.

She lost her spots a while ago, and is growing fast. I took some video of her bounding around the place, but I haven’t edited it yet. She sure seems happy, though, and I’m glad she’s accepted there as one of the gang.

I think she may be a little too dependent on Stephanie, the way she follows her around. I read a story once about a gal who also took in an orphaned fawn, and it became so attached to her that it would jump in the shower with her. Stephanie assured me her situation wasn’t that dire… yet.

It was a nice visit, but when feeding time came, it was time to get out of the way!

–photos by me