Haibun: Breaking Trail

It’s very nice out here in the woods today. I can’t believe how warm it is for January, and we really haven’t had that much snow, either.

I’m just strolling along, enjoying the day.

Beautiful, golden sunlight is filtering down through the trees ahead, and casting long thin shadows across the as-of-yet unspoiled road. I almost hate to walk down it, it’s so…untouched. But I hear approaching snowmobiles, and they’ll be certain to ruin the moment, anyway.

* * *

in the sun and snow

i feel like i’m walking

on soft, fluffy clouds



–photos by me



Suddenly they began dropping from the afternoon sky by the millions: vast hordes of tiny invading aliens, blocking out the sun and reducing visibility to near-zero with their little white parachutes. We all ran into the house and watched from the windows, as the siege continued into the night with no sign of letting up.

We thought we were doomed.

But then, a few hours before dawn, a fierce October wind kicked up out of nowhere, and the entire alien army was blasted high into the turbulent sky, completely out of control. After thrashing about violently at the mercy of the powerful gusts, the alien army was soon annihilated.

In the morning, we awoke to nearly a foot of parachutes.


(Photos by me, rev. from 10/17)