long winter


it was a long winter

now, in the still of the night

I step out into the shadows

and tip toe down to the lake

under too many stars, and–

oh my god the stars!–

the air is just a little too

cool for the usually

ubiquitous mosquitoes

but its just right for my

scandinavian blood

I lay back on the sand

and peer into the endless

abyss of space and time

I feel so blessed that I am

here this very second

experiencing this wonder

I thank god for this joy

the lapping waves soothe me

and cold, brittle memories

melt away once again

it was a long winter

2 thoughts on “long winter

  1. You’re making me long for a day at the beach. Watching the sunset and feeling the night’s breeze is an experience that I miss. Thank you for the reminder. You worded this beautifully.


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