Yellow It Is

yellow rose

Ghostly kites of light

Slide noiselessly around

My bedroom walls as

The night traffic files past.

From my bed, I can see

The long, dripping icicles

That hang from the eaves

Right outside my window.

They glint in the headlights

Like frosted glass carrots.

I smile, remembering that

Today was a special day, a

Once-in-a-lifetime kind of day.

You see, blue-green was no

Longer my favorite color–

I’m not talking about just any

Kind of blue-green, mind you,

But the kind that flashes in

Your eyes when you walk by

A window prism in the sun–

That kind of blue-green.

No, today, after a lifetime

Of celebrating my beloved

Super-charged blue-green

I changed my favorite color

To yellow for no real reason

Other than it’s grown on me

After all these years.

Yellow it is, then.


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