shot of the day 10/29/22

perched atop the towering trees

or gliding o’er the sylvan glade,

all movement of the grass he sees–

e’en a single blade

–photo by me


10 thoughts on “shot of the day 10/29/22

  1. Wonderful poem and photo… where we now live there is an eagle nest almost directly over our roof. We see and hear them often but it will be daily come nesting season. When asked if their calls would bother us, I replied No. These are our people! My daughter’s i.d. texting sound for me happens to be an eagle as well although I identify more with a red tailed hawk as my totem. All birds are fascinating creatures. I’m so delighted by your photo and poem.


    1. I didn’t see much for eagles or hawks all summer and fall, but lately they’re all over. I’m learning some of the patterns different birds live by…don’t care much for their calls, lol…thanks, Shelley!!

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