Star Girl


Starlight falls out of the skies

And settles in her upturned eyes

She peers into the jeweled vault

Until the sun begins to rise

An amateur astronomer

She knows the moons of Jupiter

Orion’s belt and Saturn’s rings

She loves the stars like I love her

I hope someday she’ll love me too

But I will not obstruct her view

Or take the stars out of her eyes

My love for her is tried and true

(orig. posted 10/17)

–Image by Pinterest

Haibun: Stars


I’m following a trail into the woods tonight to get a better view of the moonless, starry sky without the light pollution from the city. It’s getting darker as I go, and my eyes are finally adjusting. I can’t believe how spectacular it is–the sky is beginning to look like powdered sugar spilled on black velvet. Venus is so bright, it’s actually casting a shadow.

If only my camera could do justice to this celestial extravaganza!

It’s so peaceful out here. The pines are like gentle giants swaying in the breeze under a canopy of dazzling stars. I can’t help but smile.


we’re made of stardust

ergo, our lives are truly

written in the stars



–photos by me



I lift my eyes
to the night sky
and an affinity
with the stars
overwhelms me
we are old kin
the stars and I
I am stardust
forged out there
among my own kind
but lost for eons
in the icy void–
see me now
o ancient ones!
I am found!

cosmic dream

irreg gal

in my mind’s eye

i catch the solar wind

and sail the cosmic stream

i pass by great port cities

burning through the night

a billion lights agleam

standing on this ebon bow

silently i sail the stream

beyond these cosmic ports

within this cosmic dream