If romance has its time and place, this is it. My new backyard pool offers couples a picturesque setting for love.

However, it’s not always paradise; this goose is getting an earful after scoping out a beautiful swan.

I consider myself lucky; most of the farmer’s fields around here look like lakes, but the dust will be blowing around soon enough.

It’s been a long, colorless winter, and I am so looking forward to better opportunities for photos!

–Photos by me

Spring Shots


It’s finally time for the deer to lose their shaggy winter coats. The healthiest ones molt first. Some scientists say that there’s a secondary molting in the fall, but not all agree. Perhaps they’re just splitting hairs!


Cross-country skiers keep their trails pruned well, making perfect paths in the spring to explore the deep woods.


Common Merganser ducks, sometimes called “sawbills” because of their serrated bills, are regular visitors to our little lake. Here, a male skirts the last of the ice with his little harem.


We also get the occasional swan, almost always in pairs.


A gull keeps a wary eye on a foreign intruder. These Canadian honkers are everywhere as they make a pit-stop on their journey north.


The ubiquitous bunnies have finally turned brown, and now blend in well with their environment, making them a little safer from predators.


Pussy Willows have always been an harbinger of Spring, and no collection of spring pics would be complete without them.


Finally, I had to add this shot as it is truly the essence of Spring–new green sprouts pushing up through the old dead layer of brown leaves.


–Photos by me


knoll of grass

as winter shed her overcast

the sun began to show

and suddenly a knoll of grass

appeared amid the snow

the withered blades lay all askew

like soldiers in defeat

but as the yellow army grew

the snow began retreat

winter’s legions left the land

and rushed down to the shore

and even snowmen turned and ran

for spring had won the war


(repost from 2/17)