Shot of the Day 6/24/22

Lil Blue Eyes was the saddest fawn I’d ever seen. She’d barely had time to dry off in this world when her mama crossed paths with modern civilization on the highway and left her to the wolves. Luckily, she was rescued by my farmer friend, who took her home and introduced her to all the barnyard denizens on her farm. Amazingly, she was befriended by all. Her family now includes many horses and their foals, dozens of cats and dogs, and one very fat-but-friendly hog. The sadness seems to be lifting.

–Photos by me

Shot of the Day 6/15/22

“Lake of Fire”

It’s another great morning of jaw-dropping beauty, and I am officially 7 months sober today!!

I like this photo because, if I look at it in just the right way, I can see a roiling, fuming lake of fire beyond the trees that extends to the distant purple mountains.

–Photo by me