creeks and clouds (archives)

creeks and clouds

cut from the same cloth

with different points of view

comparable in composition

yet contrary in composure

the creek is quite laid-back

to the point of being lazy

while the clouds are always

up in the air over something

–photo by me

We Meet Again

Yes, I remember you, my dear–

How could I forget?

Your voice is a babbling brook

To my ears,

Your beauty is soothing

To my eyes,

Your fragrance still lingers

In my nostrils,

And your name is on the tip

Of my tongue.

–Photo by me

cool crane (etheree)



lanky crane

was often teased

by the shorter birds;

they called him ichabod,

stilts, or a walking beanpole,

but with a wingspan of six feet

and a pair of laughably long legs,

he rose above it and took it in stride


–photos by me