dream wisdom (octelle)

and here i sit beside a stream

to look for wisdom in a dream

the easy brook barely flows

it doesn’t care where it goes

or what’s around the next bend

or even when it will end

and here i sit beside a stream

to look for wisdom in a dream

–photo by me

We Meet Again

Yes, I remember you, my dear–

How could I forget?

Your voice is a babbling brook

To my ears,

Your beauty is soothing

To my eyes,

Your fragrance still lingers

In my nostrils,

And your name is on the tip

Of my tongue.

–Photo by me


cotton candy clouds

float into my daydream,

as soft as goose down

and as sweet as the sugar

from which they were spun;

my weary mind is caressed

by their feathery fingers

of soothing pastel pinks

and hues of denim blues.

i feel like a fluffy kitten

in a cashmere sweater;

everything in my world

is just as it should be–

i love to daydream!

–photo by me

broken souls (archives)

crystal balls

fall all around

and shatter as they

strike the ground,

while silently

we march en masse

thru bloody fields

of broken glass;

how beautiful

the crystal sphere

a perfect orb

so pure and clear;

yet hold a shard

up to the sun

and rainbows shine

on everyone

Inner Spaceships

The ships are coming!

Can’t you see them?

Their dark sails fill

The entire night sky

Advancing, advancing–

Can’t you hear them?

The collective roar

Of their vast armada

Thunders in my ears–

Can’t you feel them?

Their other-worldliness

Is already upon me

Permeating my mind–

The ships are coming!

3 Months Sober

I know 3 months is a relatively short time, but for me, it’s probably the longest stretch of sobriety I’ve had since I was in basic training for the Air Force. I’m feeling great, and all this shoveling I’ve been doing is whipping me back into shape. The horror of withdrawal is still fresh in my mind, but lest I forget, here’s an excerpt from my poem Withdrawal:

What was I thinking

I went back to drinking

And now I lay stinking

At home in my bed,

Tossing and turning

My stomach is churning

My fever is burning

I wish I was dead…

No, I don’t miss that at all.

I never believed in AA because the first step of their method is to admit that one is powerless over alcohol, and I just couldn’t believe that. I thought the only one who could help me was me. I was wrong, obviously; I couldn’t help me.

After I almost died from drinking in November of last year, I finally gave in, and on my son’s advice, I pulled stakes on my life and moved in with him. Thank you, Aaron, you saved your pa’s life!