Lovers for Life

Staying with the same mate for a lifetime can be quite a challenge. Let me share with you what I’ve discovered about it in my thirty-five years of marriage, before my wife Jody unexpectedly passed away about twelve years ago:

There seems to be four distinct stages to a successful life-long relationship.

The first stage is flirting. This is where we act all coy, bat our eyelashes, and show off our wares.

The next stage is bliss. Our young, slender bodies move together in step as we learn the dance of love.

The third stage is turmoil. This is when it becomes obvious that we both lied in stage one.

And finally, acceptance. If we make it through that painful third stage, we truly deserve the fourth, where we learn to hang out with each other and watch the world go by together; in many ways, it’s the best of the four. I wish I could’ve had a little more of it, but I’m thankful for what I had!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

–Photos by me

Making Snow

With all this snow, my son Aaron and I decided to take a little road trip to try to find the source of it all. We have a pretty good idea, so we’re heading for Giant’s Ridge.

I’ve never seen so much snow hung up in the trees. We had to detour a few miles back because the snow had toppled a few of the big pines right on the road.

We decided to take a backroad to the ridge; now I’m not so sure this was a good idea.

After some hair-raising turns and slides on the forest road, we’re finally getting close; I can see snow drifting up between the trees.

Sure enough, we’ve found the culprit! I guess I better stop blaming God!!

–Photos by me