Blue Eyes Update

I’m out here at my friend’s farm today to check up on Lil Blue Eyes, the orphaned fawn. Shes seems to be doing quite well indeed, and it’s sweet, the way she follows Stephanie around like she’s her mom. She gives her little smooches in appreciation, and I can’t help but think of the words Jesus spoke:

“…I was hungry, and you gave me food;

I was thirsty, and you gave me drink;

I was a stranger, and you took me in;

I was sick, and you cared for me…”

I must admit that those words seem so far away from our nation’s current direction. They’re fading away, becoming abstract, unreal. But at least, here, right now, they’re real.

–Photo by me

Lady Slippers

There were certain girls in high school so beautiful that they could get any of us insecure young boys to carry their books, even though we knew that we were just being used; that’s what the Lady Slipper orchid reminds me of.

They are also very beautiful, especially the Pink Lady Slipper, Minnesota’s State Flower. They lure unsuspecting bees into their pink little pods through a one-way opening. Once inside, the bees find out there is no nectar for them, the usual payment for their help in pollination, and are, in fact, trapped inside.

Upon wrestling around to make their way to a small hole in the back, they shed any pollen they might have brought in on the plant’s female reproductive parts, and when they squeeze through the small opening in the back to escape, little packets of pollen from the male reproductive parts stick to their backs.

So they end up carrying the load without getting any nectar. Sounds familiar, all right.

–Photo by me

escort (archives)

i lie on the beach

under tangerine skies

amid scattered

and twisted debris,

while 13 black birds,

dispatched from

the sun,

are fast coming

‘cross the dark sea.

they’ve come

to escort

a lost soul

to the west,

a soul that’s been

newly set free,

and their black

beady eyes

look around

for their prize–

o why are they

looking at me?

–photo by me

Shot of the Day 6/15/22

“Lake of Fire”

It’s another great morning of jaw-dropping beauty, and I am officially 7 months sober today!!

I like this photo because, if I look at it in just the right way, I can see a roiling, fuming lake of fire beyond the trees that extends to the distant purple mountains.

–Photo by me