Star Girl


Starlight falls out of the skies

And settles in her upturned eyes

She peers into the jeweled vault

Until the sun begins to rise

An amateur astronomer

She knows the moons of Jupiter

Orion’s belt and Saturn’s rings

She loves the stars like I love her

I hope someday she’ll love me too

But I will not obstruct her view

Or take the stars out of her eyes

My love for her is tried and true

(orig. posted 10/17)

–Image by Pinterest

Tough Love


My brother used to beat me

My mother used a switch

My wife cut up my yearbook

My kids must think I’m rich

My grandkids overrun me

And cause me daily strife–

I guess it’s pretty obvious

I’ve been loved all my life




true love


jealousy and anger

they’re not even real

we just made them up

cuz there’s worse things to feel

like heartbreak and sorrow

the heart of the fray

we’d pretend anything

if they’d just go away

on our grand wedding day

when our mates said, ‘I do’

did we ever assume

we were forcing them to

release them we must

from our ill-conceived plan

cuz nothing shows love

more than real love can

and when love comes back

on it’s own you will know

that to feel true love

you must first let it go


Crazy for Carol


Crazy Carol is the most beautiful girl

I’ve ever seen, yet she is very alone.

She slinks around town with her dog

In that same old Goodwill ensemble

And is quite confused that everyone

Acts so nice and friendly to her face,

Yet no one wants to be a real friend.

Standing before her spider-webbed

Full-length mirror, she sees herself

Broken up into all those pieces and

Asks aloud, “Could it be the cracks?”

Well, maybe I’m crazy too, because

I’m falling for her, craziness and all.

Moving On (Or Not)


I sat at the window

In my lonely house

And scrutinized the

Sad summer moon.


Find another lover


On the lawn below,

A lurking black cat

Shape-shifted thru

Indistinct shadows.


Move on, she’d said


The soft moonlight

Somehow soothed

The all-enveloping

Sorrow in my soul.


Swear it on my life


I reluctantly got up

And threw my butt

Away as well as my

Old marriage vows.


You made a promise


In minutes, I was at

A single’s bar, both

Hoping and hoping

Not to find a lover.