River Rink

What do several great NHL players, including three that joined the US Olympic Hockey Team, have in common? They all had their humble beginnings right here, at the river rink in Warroad, MN.

For a town of less than 2,000, that is simply incredible. Perhaps some of the fighting spirit that gave the town its name still hangs in the frigid air.

I look at the kids out there now and wonder what great future hockey players may be among them.

–Photo by me

Happy Yellow

They say a lot of things. For example, they say in North Dakota that you can watch your dog run away for two days. Here in Minnesota, they say there’s no summer–only three months of poor sledding.

They also say that the color yellow represents happiness. There are the obvious reasons, of course, like sunshine and such, but I’d like to suggest a deeper connection. You see, we have no receptors in our eyes for yellow; what we’re actually seeing is a certain ratio of red to green. Our brains do the rest.

Your color yellow and mine might not even be the same.

And so the connection between yellow and happiness is this: they can only come from within.

–Photo by me