i will

i drive up to my favorite spot

for some serious stargazing,

and as my eyes adjust to the

inky blackness of the night,

i find myself suddenly on

the edge of a rocky crag,

hanging precariously over

a yawning, endless void–

the abyss of nothingness.

i want to cling to the world

for if i should lose my grip,

i might tumble into it;

in time, i know i will.

–photo by me


9 thoughts on “i will

  1. What a beautiful poem!!! I read the abyss of nothingness as the consciousness of no-thing-ness i.e. spirit and freedom from clinging as a surrender of our forgetting who we are in essence where heaven is home… a different way of seeing the cosmos and this world… 🤩😍🤗🥰💖✨


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