hesitated (archives)

all of a sudden

i stood face to face

with the enemy;

i could see the fear

in his big brown eyes.

i had a gun; he didn’t.

slowly, i aimed at him–

could i really kill him

right here in cold blood?

they say to never hesitate,

but now, for some reason,

i couldn’t pull the trigger!

he probably had a family

and friends — just like me.

as i stood there watching,

he began to back away;

i just had to let him go–

i’d never tell the others,

but i was secretly glad

when he suddenly bolted

for the safety of the woods–

antlers held high.

14 thoughts on “hesitated (archives)

  1. A beautiful poem Michael. I understand that feeling. I was raised in a family of hunters and got my first rifle when I was a teen. For years I’ve only hunted for meat at the grocery stores and even then I often go vegetarian for weeks or months. I grew up with many hunting and fishing stories told over a meal. πŸ™πŸ’•βœ¨


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