River Rink

What do several great NHL players, including three that joined the US Olympic Hockey Team, have in common? They all had their humble beginnings right here, at the river rink in Warroad, MN.

For a town of less than 2,000, that is simply incredible. Perhaps some of the fighting spirit that gave the town its name still hangs in the frigid air.

I look at the kids out there now and wonder what great future hockey players may be among them.

–Photo by me


3 thoughts on “River Rink

  1. Seeing this reminds me of my small home town in Northeastern Ontario where many a famous hockey player got their start as well, good old K.L. , a Canadian mining town. I have a photo of my Dad before a hockey game there as a teen back in the day before helmets and pads and fancy skates. These kids look like they’re having fun.


      1. Ah, another Hockey Hall of Fame like Kirkland Lake has. I had a famous cousin from there who once joked that K.L. was known for its hockey players and prostitutes so my sister and I say we played defense. Well she actually did play hockey a few times and I played goalie for ice soccer too. 🤣🤭


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