Will Rogers Quote

I love rugged old fences, so when I spotted one on the side of the road, I pulled over to take a picture. I would try to get a few of the horses in the shot, especially the colt hiding behind mama. Zooming in, I noticed the insulators and wire running down the length of it– my rustic gnarled fence was electric!

When I was a young boy, my family was visiting our cousins on their farm, and one of the older boys challenged us naive city slickers to pee on the electric fence. Well, I was having no part of that, but my brother was the type of person who just had to, for what reason, I’ll never know. And let me just say, there are those who claim you can’t get shocked that way, but there was no mistaking my brother’s extreme “discomfort”.

Anyway, that brings me to the Will Rogers quote:

“There are three kinds of men.

The ones who learn by reading,

The few who learn by observation,

And the rest of them, who have to pee

On the electric fence for themselves.”

–Photo by me


16 thoughts on “Will Rogers Quote

      1. You are welcome, Michael. I have an older brother. I understand. No voltage, but I cut my back on a nail crawling under an old fence when I was a kid. That was extreme discomfort, of a different kind.

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  1. My childhood neighborhood peers (and I) ‘did the test’ using cola cans, pouring the soda over an electric fence. Very uncomfortable.

    Love how you’ve related these life excerpts into apt poetry, concise & polished stream of thought

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