Pelican Day

The pelican pictures I posted the other day were well received, so I went back to the river yesterday to take a few more, and ended up spending the day there. A day in the life…

The day begins with a morning prayer to petition that the river bring forth food abundantly.

Then, it’s time to spread out for some serious fishing.

They do take breaks now and then for a little play–such as log rolling.

Finally, it’s time for a nice relaxing community bubble bath.

–Photos by me

twilight zone

though mornings break

and evenings fall

they never make

a sound at all

for clumsy dawn

and tipsy dusk

exist upon

the thinnest cusp

they’ll never know

the wondrous light

or undergo

the dark of night

but dwell in time

all of their own–

a murky kind

of twilight zone

–photo by me