Dalai Lama Quote

I’m always chasing down some kind of wildlife for a picture, but I have to admit, I have far more shots of their backsides as they run away than anything else. It makes me wonder why every animal I encounter, great or small, is utterly terrified of me. Anyway, it’s not always a bad thing that I can’t catch them, which brings me to the Dalai Lama quote:

“Remember that sometimes

not getting what you want

is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

–Photos by me


12 thoughts on “Dalai Lama Quote

  1. Old people from Africa believed that photography taking a part of Soul. In New civilisation, here in Europe People said “do not take a face of newborn child on picture, better not to much pictureing till child is barely 3 years old”. We sometimes listen olders, sometimes not. ANIMAL knew that by their instinct ❤️


  2. Love these pics and your comments with the pearl of wisdom . If you do have that effect on wildlife, may I suggest the book ‘Becoming Nature’ by Tamarack Song.


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