Quote on Solitude

I was out on one of my adventures this morning when I came upon a small ice house on a secluded lake. As I stood there wondering about its possible occupant, the door opened, and an old man stepped out for a minute, only to disappear inside again. I thought about walking out to visit with him a bit, but I didn’t want to ruin his solitude nor mine. Solitude is something to be treasured in our busy lives. It reminds me of a quote by Joseph Krutch:

“To have passed through life

and never experienced solitude

is to never have known oneself;

To have never known oneself

is to have never known anyone.”

–Photo by me


14 thoughts on “Quote on Solitude

  1. Regarding solitude, I think you did the right thing there. On the one hand, it’s good to check on someone who’s alone, in case they don’t want to be. But that guy looks like he went to a lot of trouble to be on his own. That’s a great quote, one I can identify with.


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