Lemming Effect


Early one morning,

Without any warning,

They rose from their beds

And got dressed eagerly.

They ran out the door

And met up at the shore,

And then, two by two,

They walked into the sea–

I hope reason finds

What was going thru their minds

As they went to their watery graves,

For nothing explains

Why their only remains

Are the red caps afloat on the waves.

–Photo by me

My Shop


If I had a shop

I would fill all the shelves

With amethyst angels

And emerald elves,

Black onyx panthers

With rubies for eyes,

Lithe topaz fairies

As blue as the skies.

I’d have cool turquoise turtles,

Buddhas of jade,

And solid gold snails

With diamonds in-laid.

There’d be tiger’s eye lions

And quartz crystal cats,

Peridot puppies

And sapphire bats.

Yes, if I had a shop

I would light up the scene

With a great chandelier

Made of aquamarine.


(revised from 10/17)