Roddenberry Quote


I can’t think of a better time for a Roddenberry quote. As the genius behind Star Trek, he always had a positive spin on mankind’s future, something we could use right now.

It would have been his birthday today. I’m almost glad he’s not here to see how far we’ve strayed from his vision:

“If we cannot learn to actually enjoy our differences on this planet, then we do not deserve to go into space and meet the diversity that is almost certain out there.”

He believed we would.


–Painting & photo by me

3 thoughts on “Roddenberry Quote

  1. Star Trek was a great teaching tool to open minds to possibilities and to foster an appreciation of diversity. I believe we can too, however in this infinite and contextual field of possibilities this particular timeline does appear to have strong forces profiting from a Humanity that is less Human and more Cyborg (the Borg). I pray we can change our direction to a healthier one for the Earth and Humanity. 💖✨

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